If you can’t afford the time to scrub fully sessions, getting the simplest pressure washer surface cleaner for your yard will significantly make pressure washing quicker. A surface cleaner gives you the power to specialize in flat surfaces better, especially those with higher pedestrian traffic like sidewalks. Some are wider and a few offer extra cleaning features, but every surface cleaner is meant for convenience in particular else.

Wanting to upgrade and make some everyday tasks easier is merely logical if you own a pressure washer already. For this reason, we’ve gathered a couple of pressure washer surface cleaner reviews, alongside some information and advice so that you simply detect the simplest unit. we’ll try to not bore you with technical details; therefore, the focus is going to be on practical stuff.

1. SIMPSON Cleaning 15” Surface Cleaner 3600 PSI

Finding an attachment that might be strong enough to suit a pressure washer is quite difficult. However, with its ability to face up to up to 3600 PSI, this one is ideal if you’ve got some medium to heavy-duty work to try to. At 15 inches, this one can assist you to clean any surface a minimum of fourfold faster than you’d together with your regular pressure washer nozzle. Moreover, unlike your standard 40-degree nozzle used for floors, this one won’t overspray around you. it’ll all be contained within the dome of the surface cleaner. This sidewalk cleaning machine features steel construction. All things considered, it’d be rather heavy – but at an equivalent time, it’s very durable. You won’t need to worry about it breaking, albeit you employ it for a protracted time.


2. Generac 6132 High-Pressure Surface Cleaner 15-Inch

If you would like something with even stronger cleaning power, then you would possibly want to travel for this surface cleaner. Unlike most cleaners that don’t have this feature, this model has tough bristles that ensure better cleaning and stop over-spraying. Made from chrome steel, heavy-duty brass, and sturdy ABS, this model is ideal if surface cleaners tend to interrupt easily as you employ them. Plus, it’s the power to face up to up to 3100 PSI – meaning that it’s going to be used for moderate to heavy-duty work. Last but not least, measuring 15 inches in diameter, this surface cleaner is ideal for quickly cleaning large surfaces. Since it helps you clean 4-5 times faster, it also cuts down your water use quite significantly.


3. Karcher T300 pave Cleaner for Karcher Pressure Washers

At 11 inches in diameter, this one is ideal if you’ve got a little to the medium-sized surface to hide. Plus, at 4 pounds, this one is extremely comfortable to use if you’ve got a difficult cleaning task before you. This attachment features a PSI rating of 2300 – meaning that it’s compatible with most light to medium duty electric pressure washers. Plus, with the variable pressure dial, you’ll easily adjust the pressure until it becomes something comfortable for you. This surface cleaner can efficiently clean each area that it goes over with just one pass – therefore saving you on both time and water. Plus, it doesn’t leave any streaks behind – which suggests you’ll not need to mop the surface whenever you clean (although this may depend upon the surface that you simply are cleaning).


Finding the simplest pressure washer surface cleaner is never getting to be a simple task – because as you’ll see, there are several high-quality models out there. you only need to confirm that you simply purchase one which is compatible together with your current surface cleaner. Hopefully, our surface cleaner attachment reviews have proven to be useful to you. Pick your favorite and cut away the time and energy you’d normally spend on cleaning your surfaces traditionally.


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